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  1. Planning your Leaderboard 

    1. Preparation checklist
    2. How do I create a Power 100 leaderboard like the Zoopla Property Power 100?
    3. Options
    4. How do I change my leaderboard time zone?
    5. How to manage access to your leaderboard
  2. Player Guide 

    1. Is there a guide for players available?
    2. I'm having trouble connecting my LinkedIn account
    3. How do I change my name on a leaderboard I'm playing in?
    4. The anatomy of a good leaderboard
    5. How to update your photo on a leaderboard you are playing in?
  3. Template Guides 

    1. How do I create a Leaderboard counting Mentions of a Twitter account?
  4. Subscriptions and Billing 

    1. What is the pricing for using Leaderboarded?
    2. How do I cancel my subscription?
    3. How do I delete a leaderboard?
  5. Connectors (How to bring in data) 

    1. What platforms do we allow data collection from?
    2. Do I have to have a community when retrieving Kred scores?
    3. How do I create a Leaderboard from a Twitter List?
    4. My connectors have stopped and no scores are being collected. What can I do?
  6. Players 

    1. Players
    2. How do I exclude or remove players?
    3. How do I add a player?
    4. Why is my leaderboard locked? All players appear as Player X
    5. How do I add images to players on my leaderboard?
  7. Metrics and Score Entries 

    1. Metrics and Score Entries
    2. How do I restart when my connector has stopped or paused
    3. How do I add scores?
    4. How do I change the order of the metrics / score columns?
    5. How do I delete an individual score entry e.g. a tweet?
  8. Releases 

    1. Why leaderboards are best throttled?
    2. Releases Explained
    3. How to release your leaderboard
    4. Is there a way to reset a board?
    5. Can we have a shorter time period between leaderboard releases?
  9. Channels 

    1. Edit
    2. How do I change my theme?
    3. How to change your picture and add a custom logo to your leaderboard
    4. How do I customise my theme with CSS?
    5. Can I tweet out to more than the top 10 players?
  10. Managing Multiple Leaderboards 

    1. Why senior managers really love a good wall of leaderboards
  11. Developers 

    1. I keep getting Please make sure the file exists, is accessible and is valid HTML when trying to upload a new custom theme
    2. How can I customise the cerulean theme so that all my columns fit on the screen?
    3. How to add a Twitter activity feed widget to your leaderboard
    4. How to create a custom theme for your leaderboard?
  12. All articles 

    1. Preparation checklist
    2. Edit
    3. Players
    4. Metrics and Score Entries
    5. Is there a guide for players available?
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