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  1. Admin Notifications & Reports 

    1. How do I change settings for email notifications about score collectors, new users, new followers, etc?
    2. What Admin Reports are available for my Scorecard?
  2. Integrations 

    1. How do I set a social network for my board conversations?
  3. Score Collector Technical Details 

    1. Yammer Posts Score Collector
    2. Yammer Group Membership Score Collector
    3. Twitter Score Collectors
    4. Rise scorecard collectors
    5. Blog Posts & Comments Score Collector
  4. Use Cases 

    1. Convert your spreadsheet into an online leaderboard
  5. User Guide 

    1. Player Guide and Introduction to Rise
    2. What is a scorecard?
    3. How do I get on a scorecard?
    4. How do I view and edit my Rise profile (account)? e.g. change name/photo
    5. Can I leave a scorecard? Can I delete my Rise profile (account)?
  6. App Specific Guides 

    1. How do I create a Nearest the Pin leaderboard?
    2. How do I create a scorecard to track Twitter metrics?
    3. How to use WuFoo to create a leaderboard for a game or contest at an Event or Conference or Exhibition Stand
    4. How do I create a scorecard to track my Twitter profile?
    5. How do I create a scorecard to track whether my target list of influencers are following me on Twitter?
  7. Scorecard Settings (for Admins) 

    1. Preparation checklist
    2. Security considerations: how to manage access to your scorecard
    3. Scorecard User Roles
    4. How do I create (invite) someone to become an Admin?
    5. Options
  8. User Management 

    1. Players
    2. How do I exclude or remove players?
    3. How do I add a player (user)?
    4. Why is my leaderboard locked? All players appear as Player X
    5. How do I add images to players on my leaderboard?
  9. Score Collection, Entries & Metrics 

    1. How to give points for tweets with images
    2. Metrics and Score Entries
    3. How do I add a new manual metric to my scorecard?
    4. What platforms do we provide data collection for?
    5. How do I add score entries (scores)?
  10. Bulletins & Score Algorithm 

    1. Why leaderboards are best throttled?
    2. Scorecard Bulletins Explained
    3. How to manually create a scorecard bulletin for your scorecard?
    4. How to automate scorecard bulletin generation?
    5. Why is my scorecard not updating / refreshing?
  11. Sharing Scores 

    1. What display and notification channels can you use to share scores with your audience?
    2. Sharing your scorecard on your own micro website hosted on
    3. Sharing (displaying) your scorecard on a big screen TV
    4. Sharing your scorecard by embedding it on your own web site
    5. Sharing your scorecard on Twitter
  12. Subscriptions and Billing 

    1. How do I cancel my subscription?
    2. How do I delete a board?
    3. How do I setup or change my subscription? How do I upgrade?
    4. How to update payment card for subscription
    5. How do I use my referral code?
  13. Troubleshooting 

    1. I've released but all my players ranked the same? e.g. 111th
    2. Why do I and others sometimes appear as Player X on a board?
    3. Twitter profile images missing
    4. I get error Please check that this data source is pushable i.e. is an API metric source and you are the owner.
    5. I've changed my Twitter name - how can I update my Rise profile so that my new name shows correctly on the boards I'm playing on
  14. Developers 

    1. I keep getting Please make sure the file exists, is accessible and is valid HTML when trying to upload a new custom theme
    2. How can I customise the Tabular theme so that all my columns fit on the screen?
    3. How to add a Twitter activity feed widget to your leaderboard
    4. How to create a custom theme for your leaderboard?
  15. Glossary 

    1. Scorecard Bulletin
  16. Policies 

    1. Cancellation Policy
    2. Why do we have to include a 'powered by Rise' logo on our board?
  17. All articles 

    1. Preparation checklist
    2. Players
    3. I've released but all my players ranked the same? e.g. 111th
    4. Why leaderboards are best throttled?
    5. What display and notification channels can you use to share scores with your audience?

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