How to Embed a Juicer Feed in Rise

Embedding a Juicer Feed in your RiseFuse personal analytics and social advocacy program provides you an easy, integrated way to deliver a Content Library to your players.

When running an advocacy program one of the key issues is that employees don't know what they can share on social media. By creating a Content Library, and keeping it topped up, you can ensure that staff always have content worth sharing on their social media channels if they choose to do so.

This screenshot shows what the integration will look like when completed:

The steps to do this are:

1. Login to and create a feed.
2. Navigate to "Embed In Your Site" via the menu, click on wordpress code and copy the Wordpress shortcode, or just the id for the juicer.

3. In Rise, go to Manager Dashboard / Appearance / Themes
4. Choose Juicer Feed as the option in Content Library
5. Paste the shortcode

Please note that this Content Library integration is currently only available on the Claro theme when used in a RiseFuse board.

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