Player Guide and Introduction to Rise

What is Rise?

Rise is an automated scorecard software tool, creating personal analytics dashboards.  Being a participant on a Rise scorecard will help you coach yourself at the activity that is being tracked and scored by the Rise scorecard.  A single consolidated score derived from all the indicators being tracked will be reported back to you on a regular basis e.g. weekly.   You will coach yourself because:

  • A graphical view of your weekly scores will inform you whether you’re improving, flat-lining or declining, thus nudging you to continue your winning behaviour or changing it to improve

  • A breakdown of your success in each scoring element contributing to the consolidated score will allow you to prioritise which sub-activities to optimise

  • If you prefer, you can benchmark yourself against your peers and challenge yourself to reach whichever level you want to reach

  • You will get alerts when certain insights (“stories”) are discovered (e.g. improvement 3 weeks in a row) or targets achieved (e.g. personal best)

  • Your achievements will be recognised by badges

  • You can network with your peers on the same Rise scorecard and support each other in your objective of continuous improvement
You can learn more about how to use Rise by following the links below:
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  7. How do I track my performance?
  8. How do I get notified about updates?
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