Player Guide and Introduction to Rise

What is Rise?

The Software-as-a-Service platform allows you to create scorecards that will self-motivate "scorees" to adopt and maintain habits and behaviour that lead to success.

The self-motivation of a scorees is helped by:

  • A comparision of regular scores (e.g. weekly) informs them whether they’re improving, flat-lining or declining, thus nudging them to change or continue

  • A drill down of how their single consolidated score allows them to prioritise which sub-activities to optimise

  • If they opt-in to a comparision against peers, the healthy competition will drive them to aim higher.

  • You can set up alerts for certain insights that are discovered from a time and peer analysis of the scores (you've improved 3 weeks in a row, you've just achieved a personal best, you've improved the highest from your peer group this week)

  • You can recognise success by awarding badges

  • The scorecard facilitates conversations about success/improvement within the peer community

There are 3 components to the software:

Collect - collect (& record) data of both the "scorees" (individuals/organisations/teams,etc) and also the score entries for various "metrics" that will be used to create a "single consolidated score".  This collection can happen via manual entry/csv import or via automated processes using Rise bespoke score collectors (e.g. the Rise Kred collector brings in individuals' kred influence and outreach scores) and the Rise API feature.

Generate - The powerful score algorithm that you create will apply its rules on the data collected and calculate the single consolidated scores into a Score Bulletin.  This process can be scheduled on an automated cycle.

Publish & Share - Make the scores public when you are ready to your audiences.  Choose the channels you wish to use to communicate the scores.

You can learn more about how to use Rise by following the links below:
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  8. How do I get notified about updates?
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