What is a rise.global scorecard?

A rise.global scorecard is a list of users each with an individual score (single consolidated score) calculated from many scoring metrics. A scorecard can be displayed as a personalised scorecard for each player, a player’s score ranked against others (a leaderboard) or as a collective score for the whole team.

A scorecard takes these factors into account when calculating your score:

  1. Score Period – any data values for any of the scoring metrics time stamped as received during the Score Period will be included in the calculation of the single consolidated score for that period’s update (release). Typically this might be the last week or last month worth of activity

  2. Metrics – these are all the different means of scoring on the scorecard. Simple scorecards might just have one metric while really sophisticated ones will have hundreds.

  3. Ranking algorithm – the rank and score of someone on a scorecard is calculated in different ways: some are based on a simple ‘highest total score’ rule while others are calculated relative to other players.  Scores which are ‘out of 100’ tend to be the latter type.

You can view the scorecard via the URL the scorecard publisher has sent you e.g. https://www.rise.global/twitter-followers-club

An example of a rise.global scorecard, displayed as a web page on rise.global

Example Rise Board - Twitter Followers Clubpng

Often the scorecard is embedded on a publisher’s website e.g. Richtopia's The 100 Most Influentia British Entrepreneurs.  To see the full scorecard, you may need to click on the list title which will link to the scorecard's page on rise.global.

rise.global scorecard embedded on a 3rd party website/blog

Example board hosted on publisher -The 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs  Weekly png

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