How do I get on a board?

Many Rise boards have their privacy settings as "public" or "unlisted" and you may be able to "Join" such boards. How you can join such boards is defined by your board publisher. You can find out who this is by looking for the "Published By" section of the board as published on Rise.  For example, the Twitter Followers Club board  publisher is “Rise Social Media Tracking” and the The 100 Most Influentia British Entrepreneurs board publisher is Richtopia.

Example Rise Board - Twitter Followers Clubpng

Example board hosted on publisher -The 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs  Weekly png

Some publishers will allow anyone to join while others are more selective.  Quite often, a board will have the “Join” link in its header bar.  You can request joining the board by clicking on this link and some publishers will automatically include you on their board while others may decide to vet who you are before including you on the board.

Sometimes, you get included on the board by the publisher without you requesting a join because they consider you to be a bona-fide member of the community that is defined by the board.  In this case, you will often find out that you’ve been included when you get notified by a tweet or an email that tells you your rank and score on the board.

There are some boards that automatically enrol people when they post a message on social networks (Twitter & Yammer) using a particular hashtag.

As soon as you are included  on a board, if you didn’t have one already, a Rise account for you is automatically created.  You will be able to control this account and have complete access to it by logging into your Rise account.

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