Rise Board Roles

The roles are:
  • Primary Admin – this is the default publisher  of the Rise board, under this name is the board being run. All input scores are collected using the Primary Admin's credentials and output channel messaging is published using their credentials. For example Tweet Outs are by default sent from the Primary Admin's twitter account.
  • Senior Admin – all board settings except billing. Note that a board may opt to use their credentials (twitter account, email address etc) for sending out notifications.
  • Admin – an admin is primarily involved in the day to day running of the leaderboard and so has access to the player list, score entries and making releases. The admin cannot restructure the leaderboard, add metric sources or configure output channels.
  • Steward – the steward has read only access to the score entries and leaderboard structures. This allows the steward to ratify that the leaderboard is being run fairly in the event of a dispute between player and manager.
  • Viewer - has similar access to that of a steward but may not see anonymous player information.
As an Admin or Senior Admin you can maintain access control roles through the Roles tab under Board Settings. You can invite new admins, stewards and viewers via their email address.

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