Releases Explained

What is a release?

A leaderboard release is a snapshot of your leaderboard at a specific point in time.

Each release takes into account:
  • a score period (the time period during which scores count. e.g. the previous week's activity)
  • release time (the exact time at which the snapshot is made)
  • all included players (players who have opted out or have been excluded are not in the release, however previous players even if they have not scored during this score period are included though their scores will be zero)
  • all scores for each metric for your players (a calculation is made based on your score settings)

Release Types

When releasing a leaderboard you can first preview it before publishing a final release.

Preview Release

This is a preview of the next release showing how the leaderboard will stack up. This allows you to check the leaderboard ranks for your players before making a more formal results release. A Preview Release is not stored.

Final Release

A final release is a permanent historical record of the leaderboard at that point in time. Typically a final release covers a score period that has passed. e.g. last week. For example in a weekly competition, it stores the results of that week's competition - where each player is ranked and what their score was.

What happens when I publish a final release?

The ranks and scores for each player are stored, creating a permanent historical record.  If you have set up the email channel then it will auto email out the leaderboard to all subscribed players and leaderboard followers. If you leaderboard is based on twitter then you can also tweet out the current scores to each player.

Can I automate this process?

Yes you can schedule your leaderboard to auto-release daily, hourly or monthly. It will take into account a standard time period each time - e.g. the previous week's scores.

Why do I need releases?

Releases offer an opportunity to tell your players their score.  Most players don't want to be checking the leaderboard every five minutes, or every time they do something; there just isn't enough time in the day. By releasing your leaderboard at specific point in time - for example weekly - you create a 'news event' that players can get into the habit of coming to the leaderboard to check their score for the previous week.

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