O365 OneDrive Adoption

What it does:

The O365 OneDrive Adoption score collector tests if your users have ever used OneDrive.


To enable this, you must connect (Oauth) your rise.global scorecard owner account to your Azure account, granting read permission.

APIs used:

This score collector uses the Microsoft Graph endpoint: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/docs/api-reference/v1.0/api/drive_list to collect
  • OneDrive name for each user

Score given:

A score entry value of 1 is given to each user with a OneDrive set up, time recorded to the time of the score collection poll, the name of the OneDrive is recorded as the description for the score entry. [due to a current Nov 2017 issue with Microsoft Graph API we are only able to record the existence of the OneDrive, not it's name.]
No score entry is recorded for users without a OneDrive setup.

Optional parameters:

There are no optional parameters.


This score collector is available to Bronze customers and above.

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