Yammer Posts Score Collector

What it does:

The Yammer Posts score collector collects all Yammer posts and earned responses.


To enable this, you must connect (Oauth) your rise.global scorecard owner account to your Yammer account.

Required Parameters:

  • Yammer network name

APIs used:

This score collector uses the Yammer API endpoint: https://developer.yammer.com/docs/messagesjson to retrieve messages.

Score Entries Generated:
A score entry value of 1 is given to each user post, time recorded to the time of the post, score entry description is set to the post message.
Additional "earned" score entries are generated as follows:
  • Likes - the number of likes the message has received
  • Shares - the number of times the message has been shared
  • Comments - the number of times the message has been commented on.
  • CC's - the number of users cc'd in the message who have not already been cc'd in before

Optional parameters:

You can optionally filter by:
  • Topic


This score collector is available to Bronze customers and above.

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