How do I create a scorecard to track my Twitter profile?

Growing an engaged audience on Twitter takes time. 

While you may think it a good idea simply to "buy followers" they don't hang around and they won't be engaged in your content.

The only way to grow is to track, steadily, overtime whether your audience are engaging with your content and whether your reach is growing.

To do this, you need a scorecard. While you can get lots of Twitter "dashboards" which will show you historical graphs of everything you might want to track, the key to success is to focus on the metrics that really matter. The best way to do this is to put them on a scorecard, consolidated into a single score weighted to your current priorities and then make sure that's pushed to you once a week.

The Twitter Profile Score template from provides you this ability. 

In brief, the steps are:
1. Add the twitter handles for the accounts you want to track
2. Set the automated score collectors to go and retrieve the data for those accounts once a week
3. Produce a score bulletin once a week to send you your score via email
4. Check the email and then look online to drill down into the detail of each scorecard

The ProfileScore template provides a number of possible Twitter profile metrics you might want to track, if you see one you don't need then you can just delete it. 

To get started sign up with using your Twitter account, go to Create Scorecard and choose the Twitter Profile Scorecard template. 

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