How do I create a Yammer influence scorecard?

Tracking influence internally, using a Yammer influence scorecard has two benefits:

1. Everyone can see who are the key internal leaders in the Yammer conversation
2. Individual Yammer users can see how much more effort they need to put into Yammer to become engaging influencers of their peers

Tracking influence can be done on a site wide or per topic basis.

Each Yammer user is given a "Yamdex" score which refreshes once a week. This can then be shared as a leaderboard.


The Yamdex score is out of 100 and made up of the following metric inputs, weighted according to importance:
  • Yammer posts 8.06%  
  • Yammer followers 8.06%
  • Engagement Rate 8.06%
  • Yammer likes 8.06%
  • Yammer shares 24.19%
  • Yammer comments 40.32%
  • Yammer users cc'd 3.23%
As the scorecard admin you can change these weightings as you see fit for your organisation and objectives.

Users can see a breakdown of their scores, and the scores of their colleagues in the score breakdown section of their user dashboard on

To set up your own Yammer influence scorecard sign up on, use your Yammer account, and then go to Create Scorecard - Yamdex: Yammer Influencer Score

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