Convert your spreadsheet into an online leaderboard

Here's an idea for sales managers who track the effectiveness of their individual team members by keeping track of key performance indicators on a spreadsheet.  Convert your spreadsheet into an online leaderboard that will offer the following benefits:

The benefits of automating the process and sharing the data regularly are:

  • all sellers can login via mobile web or desktop to see anytime, anywhere how they are doing
  • sellers can track history over time – so they can think about optimising their behaviour over the whole quarter, not just waiting to the end of quarter
  • managers can allocate points to the key behaviours they want to see more of – e.g. a focus on lead indicators such as prospects called rather than lag indicators such as sales achieved. That means sellers are nudged to the more useful behaviours right now.
  • managers can run “team v team” competitions. That means sellers who are doing badly aren’t disincentivised – every activity still counts to the team total.
This blog gives you more details on how you can do this.

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