Why is my Twitter data not correct? not complete?

We use Twitter's "search" public APIs to collect twitter data for you (searching for tweet data against a hashtag/keyword) - see https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/search/overview/standard

As you will see, this API does not PROMISE 100% data and twitter's algorithms will decide which tweet data to surface.

The APIs that we use in our Tweet Tracker score collector are:

Although the search API's results are not exactly the same as what you'd get when you the search functionality on Twitter's web or mobile clients, the latter search results are a good proxy for the results you'd get from the search API results..

See what results you get from doing a search for your tweets containing a keyword/hashtag using Twitter's advanced search as shown below.  And then let us know if these results do not compare very well with the score entries that Rise collects for you for tweets.

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