Can I monetise my scorecard?

With Rise, the scorecard owner pays the monthly fee to provide the users on the scorecard with the Rise service. That's nice of you! But if you're strapped for cash, how do you make money from running your scorecard?

Here are three ways you could consider:

  1. User Fees - you can charge users a monthly subscription to receive their Rise scores.  We do not currently offer you a feature within Rise to do this, so you would have to manage this outside of Rise.  You could perhaps do this by using Rise's WuFoo collector - create a WuFoo form that allows a user to Join your scorecard.  Using Wufoo you can accept monthly payments. The user would agree to your pricing terms and you could accept their Join request once they've started paying their user fees.
  2. Sponsor Fees - you can charge sponsors a fee to have their brand associated with your Rise scorecard.  You could display the sponsor's brand, messages on the scorecard page and also mention the sponsor in your notifications (via Twitter & email) to your users.
  3. Adverts - you can charge for including commercial messages in your regular emails to your players and also have display advertising on your scorecard page - see this help article for more details on how you can do that.

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