How to automate scorecard bulletin generation?

You have two options to automate your bulletin generation - they are mutually exclusive options:

  1. You can "ask" for the bulletin to be generated everytime a new score entry or a new user is added to the scorecard OR
  2. You can set a regular time schedule for when the bullletins should be generated
You may ask why the 2nd option is necessary.  Often, your scorecard may be giving scores for activities that are done by users at different times, but you nevertheless want to capture the results of everyone at one point in time when everyone should have done their activities.  An example is that you have a scorecard for your telesales team.  You want to capture how many calls they make every week and report that every Monday morning, capturing the activity in the previous week.  So, it makes sense to schedule the bulletin generation every Monday morning at 08:00 and report everyone's progress at the same time every week.  If Joe makes all his calls on Tue, Wed & Thur, but Mary makes her calls on Mon & Wed, the bulletin on Monday after the week will report "fairly" what both of them did in the week.  It would be unfair to report during the week on any day as the scores would be incomplete.

To set your automation choices, on your scorecard admin dashboard, navigate to Scorecard Settings -> Bulletins - see screenshot below for how to configure these settings:

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