Preparation checklist

When planning your Rise board we find this checklist of questions really helps:


  • What are your business objectives?
  • What is the meaning behind the rise board? Why will someone want to do well?
  • What is the name of the board?


  • Who will your players be? Who do you want to engage? Employees or Customers?
  • Who will be the coaches? Who is running the leaderboard?
  • Who will be the steward? Who do people go to if there are disputes?
  • Who your audience will be? - who do you want to see your Leaderboard?


  • How will players be added to the leaderboard?
  • Can players add themselves to the leaderboard?
  • What will be the unique player identifier? Email address, twitter account?
  • Roughly how many players are you expecting? Does the leaderboard need to be split into multiple leaderboards?


  • What behaviours do you want your players to do?
  • What activities will you track that measure those behaviours? What metrics will you use?
  • What Metric Sources will you use to collect scores? e.g. Twitter to collect tweets from each player
  • How will players win points on your leaderboard?
  • Will you show the scoring system or conceal it?
  • What formulas will you use to calculate the scores? For example ratios, changes, percentages against targets etc.

Look and Feel

  • Will the leaderboard be primarily displayed on its own page (at
  • Will the leaderboard be primarily seen from your web site (using the wordpress plugin or widget)?
  • What logos and graphics will you display next to the leaderboard? Do you have sponsors?


  • What sort of competition are you running? Is it a one-off. daily, weekly or monthly?
  • What score period will you use - all time, monthly, weekly?
  • Will you set the leaderboard so it updates all the time or will you make a special announcement each week that encourages people to go and check out the leaderboard?
  • What will be your update cycle (how often the leaderboard updates showing current scores for the week)? What will be your results cycle (how often the leaderboard is finalised with the results for the week)?


  • What reporting do you need to show your leaderboard has been a success?
  • How will you use any data that you capture?


  • Who will moderate scores and publish releases? (Deputy Manager/ Coach)
  • Who will communicate with players? (Deputy Manager/ Coach)
  • Who will set up the leaderboard (Owner)?
  • Who will do any technical configuration that's needed? (Developer)

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