How do I create a scorecard to track Twitter metrics?

This guide will help you create a scorecard that will track the # of tweets, # of retweets, # of mentions and # of followers for your list of users (i.e. those people you want to track).

Step 0: Login to

Step 1: Create a Rise Blank Scorecard

Step 2:  Choose how you will input your users i.e. those who you want to track on your scorecard.

You will be able to enter in users manually (one at a time or by importing in from a csv file), or by using another source e.g. a Twitter list or Google sheet, etc.  In this example, we will use a Twitter List.  For this option, you will need to have connected your profile (account) to your Twitter account.

Once you choose a Twitter list and save your "User Source" collector, the collector will be queued to run automatically and will fetch the list members into your scorecard.  Once this process has completed, click on the Users link from the horizontal admin menu bar and make sure you can see that your Twitter list members are imported into your scorecard

Step 3:  Now, you need to add your score collectors for the Twitter data for each of these Users.

We're going to use the Tweet Tracker score collector.  This is a premium score collector and is not available on the Freemium plan.  So, you will need to subscribe to the Gold price plan.  Click on Subscriptions and set up a paid Gold subscription plan.  If you decide within 14 days that you're not happy with your scorecard, we will issue you a refund.

Once you've done this, click on Scorecard settings -> Score collectors

And then click on +Add Score Collector

For Platform, choose "Twitter", for Collector choose "Tweet Tracker" and you have the option to track only tweets that contain a keyword.  If you wish to do this, enter in a keyword and change the Name of this score collector to something more meaningful if you wish.  And click on Save.

The score collector will be set up and then click on the Poll Now button for that Tweet Tracker score collector

Step 4:  Set up your scoring rules

While the Tweet Tracker score collector is running, set up your scoring rules by clicking on Scorecard Settings -> Score Algorithm

The options available to set up your scoring rules are powerful.  To use the many features available please look at all the help articles in this part of our Help Center.

In particular, decide whether you'd like to use the Absolute or Relative score method for the Total Score metric and also decide how you would like to weigh your individual scoring metrics (i.e Tweets, Retweets, Mentions).  The Twitter_list metric should not count towards the Total Score, set it's weight to 0 and also make its visibility setting as "Hidden" so that it doesn't show up on the scorecard.  We suggest that you use the Relative score method for this application.  In this example, I changed the Total Score Ranking Method to Relative and I gave Tweets a weight of 2, Retweets a weight of 6 and Mentions a weight of 2, so that Tweets will contribute 20% towards the Total Score, Retweets 60% and Mentions 20%.

Step 5: Create your 1st Scorecard Bulletin

Click on Bulletins -> Create Bulletin.  Keep all the defaults and click on Create Bulletin at the bottom  of the page

And you will have created your 1st scorecard tracking the twitter activity of your users!

Step 6: Share your scorecard

Now, share your scorecard with your audience - the Users as well as others.  This is perhaps the most important part of this whole process as a regular (weekly perhaps) sharing of the scores (consider this like a regular news bulletin) will motivate the behaviour change you hope from your audience.

The help articles from this section of our Help Center will allow you to understand what channels are available for you.

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