The ScoreBook is the central holding engine for your score program.

Into a ScoreBook goes:
  • A list of Users - people, organisations or objects that will be scored
  • A list of Teams - the groups of Users who will be scored in aggregate or ranked against each other
  • Score Entries - the raw score data from which a score will be derived
The ScoreBook then applies the score algorithm which determines a Score for each User based on their Score Entries over the specifiied Bulletin time period. e.g. scores last week.

The ScoreBook can then output as follows:
  • Leaderboards - a visual, ranked list - e.g. Top 100
  • ScoreCards - a personal breakdown of the score for each User or Team
  • Notifications - emails, tweets, RSS that Users can receive
  • Follower Notifications - emails, internal updates for anyone subscribed as a Follower of the ScoreBook

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