How to manually create a scorecard bulletin for your scorecard?

Once you have decided your score period - the time period (day, week, month, quarter) during which you want to count scores for each player - you then need to produce a "bulletin".  This help article explains what a bulletin is.

Once a bulletin has been created it is immutable - it cannot be tweaked or messed with (although it can be deleted entirely). The best analogy is to think of a release as "going to press" - you've printed out all the scores.

A release can be kept in draft until you are ready to finalise and publish to your players and the web.

Releases can be generated either manually or automatically.

Creating a Manual Bulletin

(see for how to automate bulletin generation)

1. Click the Releases tab and hit the Preview Release button

2. Check the scores and ranks are correct and click on Release Now. A release usually takes about 2 minutes to generate.

4. Once created (takes 1-2 minutes) Edit your draft release. Give the release a title and click on the Magic Wand to auto-generate a release article. You can tweak the release article. Change the release status to Final and save.

5. You should now see your release listed in the list of releases.

5. Well done! You've released your Rise Board

Next you need to head over to the Share tab to share the results with your players.

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