Metrics and Data Entries


One or more Metrics make up the total score for each player on the leaderboard.
Each metric is calculated from a number of data entries stored for each player.
When the board is released the data entries during the release time period are totalled up for each player.

Some metrics are manual entry - the manager/player adds the data entries manually via the web - while others use Data Collectors to automate the collection of data entries.

For example, a twitter data collector  source will generate Tweet data entries for each player. The total number of tweets will be their score for that metric.

Score Algorithm menu

On the score algorithm menu you can:
  • Edit Metric - name, description, number format, visibility and weighting
  • Add new metrics, data collectors or formulas

Data Entries menu

On the data entries menu you can:
  • View all data entries stored for each metric
  • Delete data entries
  • Edit the underlying connector for your metric / metrics.
  • Export Data Entries
  • Import Data Entries from a spreadsheet

Players menu

On the players menu you can:
  • Manually add data entries for you chosen players

Edit Metric

Metrics have the following fields:
  • Privacy
  • Public - visible to all
  • Private - visible to managers and players only
  • Stealth - visible to managers only
  • Visibility:
  • Show
  • Hide
  • Channel specific - you can show/hide the metric depending on which channel it is being displayed on

  • Metric Name:  Change the metric name to be shown on the Leaderboard.
  • Metric Description: Appears on hover over the metric name
  • Weighting: How many points is this metric worth? Calculation will depend on the ranking algorithm used under Scores - Settings
  • Points cap: This will set a maximum score for this metric (note that on cumulative total ranked leaderboards the cap is calculated as score x weight, while on relative ranked leaderboards the cap is calculated on the score alone)
  • Order:   Change metric order on the Leaderboard (order 1 being closer to the player name on the left).
  • Score Display Format: currently available formats are number and decimal places. If you have other formats you need please contact support.
  • Metric Ranking Order: this tells the leaderboard what is best - high scores or low scores.

Deleting stored Data Entries:

You can delete individual tweets/score entries by clicking Delete next to the score entry when drilling down to a particular list of score entries for a metric.

This will mean that the score entry does not count when the leaderboard comes to be released.

You can also delete all stored scores by clicking on the DELETE ALL ENTRIES next to the search box.

Total Score Settings

  • Visibility - determines whether you want to show a Total Score column / field on the final leaderboard
  • Display Name - what you want to call it
  • Display Format - the display format for the total score, similar to Score Display Format.

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