Why do I need a Rise Account?

There are many reasons why you need to have a Rise account:

As a manager of a Rise Board

You need an account in which to hold the board you are managing. When you log in it means we give you the ability to edit the board. If you delete your account you would also delete any boards you owned.

As a player on a Rise Board

More sophisticated boards track activity across more than one social network - e.g. Blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Your Rise.global account lets you control which social accounts are yours and so get the highest score possible on those boards. 

As a player you can edit your photo, name and bio so you have ultimate control over how you are portrayed on the board. Your account also allows you to control whether you are playing in a particular board, whether you receive email updates and whether that board is displayed on your profile.

As a follower of a Rise Board

If you make yourself a follower of a public or unlisted leaderboard then that board will appear in the list of boards you are following. If you choose you will also receive an email each time the board is released.
If you are invited to follow a private or stealth board this means that you have been given access to view it.

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