How do I edit scores?

To add Scores, you need to:
  1. Edit the Leaderboard
  2. Click on Players
  3. Then click Add Scores, this will allow you to add Scores for all Players shown on the Page. Navigate to a new page to add Scores for a Player on a different page.
  4. From there you can add the score for a given metric. If you have more than one metric, you can change the metric via the dropdown box.

Since Leaderboarded is used for competitions and therefore needs to be easily auditable, we don't allow managers or players to edit scores once submitted. However we do allow score deleting. This can be done by:
  1. Edit the Leaderboard
  2. Click on Metrics
  3. Click the metric name the Score is under
  4. Then you can delete either individual score entries or all for a given metric via the Delete button

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