I get the error message - Yurg! I cannot generate the leaderboard as there seems to be a problem with your player data.

Typically this is a problem with how you are identifying your players in your Player Source and whether you have connected that platform to your own profile.

For example you might have set Player Source to uniquely identify Players by their Twitter Username, however the individual player and/or the owner of the Leaderboard doesn't have a Twitter account connected.

The fix for this is to switch the Player Source Player Identifier to Email or Name depending on what platforms the Players are using. 

To change the Player Identifier please:

  1. Choose your Leaderboard, go to Players and then Player Source
  2. From there you will need to change the Player Identifier(last select box in the form)
  3. Change this from Twitter Username to E-Mail or Name

This is a tricky area and we are happy to assist in specific cases. Please create a support ticket.

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