How do I create a Power 100 leaderboard like the Zoopla Property Power 100?

The Zoopla Property Power 100 is an advanced type of Power Leaderboard which uses a Google Docs Form to register players. 

The steps are:

  1. Choose a name and conversation channel hashtag for your leaderboard
  2. Create a google form for players to be able to join the leaderboard. (twitter username, email address) - link to that from your web page
  3. Point form responses to a google spreadsheet 
  4. Prefill the spreadsheet with your own top 100. This seeds your Power 100 and gives it initial credibility.
  5. On your account, under ‘Profile’ connect your google and twitter networks 
  6. Create a leaderboard by choosing Custom Board from the list of templates
  7. Set player source to “Google spreadsheet” and link the fields. The ‘unique player identifier’ for the board needs to be Twitter username. 
  8. Since this leaderboard is going on your website, under ‘Options’ set privacy to be unlisted and players per page to 100 as we want to show the top 100 on our site. 
  9. In a separate browser tab, preview the leaderboard (this pulls in the player information from Twitter and creates accounts for each of them. This takes about 5 mins) 
  10. While that’s whirring (collecting data on your 100 players),  add your ‘connector’ for how they will get scores. You can use a Klout score or you could develop your own score. 
  11. Set the time for the the Klout connector to collect scores in the next five minutes. Then when it's completed set it to poll again on a weekly basis. 
  12. Set the results releases to be weekly (after Klout score connector polling has finished). Score period should be ‘weekly’. Think of it like the football premier league! 
  13. Under Scores | Restructure - discard as unused the google spreadsheet fields you don't need – e.g. timestamp. For the score columns we do need, set those to ‘Managers Only’ In this example, we’re not sharing the details of the scoring system with our players. 
  14. Under Scores | Settings, we’ll keep the relative weighted ranking algorithm..This allows us to easily add other metrics in the future without confusing players. We’ll show just the total score for now. 
  15. Now our Klout scores have been collected it is time to make a ‘manual release’ 
  16. View your Leaderboard 
  17. Now embed the leaderboard on your website using the ‘Name only’ widget. Grab the code and add that to the html of your own web page. 
  18. If we want the sales directors to know about the leaderboard, we really need to tell them. The  Tweet Out function is really helpful.  Tweet out to the top 10 players on your Power 100 leaderboard, sharing both the conversation channel hashtag  and a link to the leaderboard page 20 Next tweet out to top 5 climbers, top 5 new entrants and any other group in the leaderboard competition you like. 21. Now it’s just a question of sitting back and seeing how your community responds

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