How do I delete a user?

It is not possible to delete a user once they have been added to the scorebook. This is because the scorebook keeps historic 'bulletins' of the leaderboard and the user may have been on one of those historic bulletins.  However, you can "exclude" a user, which means that no more scores will be collected for that user and the user will not appear in any score bulletins once they've been excluded.

You can exclude a user from the scorebook in two ways. Either one by one:
  1. From the scorebook/s main navigation bar, go to Users.
  2. Search for the user and once found, click on the Pen icon (Edit)

3. Change the Playing Status of the User from Included to Excluded.

Alternatively you can exclude more than one User in one go.  Click back on the Users tab in the main navigation menu bar.
  1. In the check boxes besides the users name, tick the Usersyou want to remove.  The top most check box will allow you to select all the users on this page.
  2. Use the drop-down choices from the "With Selected" option and choose "Exclude"

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