What does it mean if my Rise profile (account) is closed?

If you close your Rise account we deactivate it by making the following changes to your profile:
  • Delete any boards you own 
  • Remove you from any boards you are managing
  • Unsubscribe you from all boards you are following
  • Opt you out of any boards you are currently playing in
  • Set account status to "closed"
  • Remove your profile from visibility on the web
When your account is closed we retain a 'ghost' account for you which stops you being automatically added to any future boards.  That means that if someone tries to add you to a board via any of your account identifiers that we hold for you, they will be prevented from adding you.

Note that closing your account does not remove you from the history of any previous boards you were participating in. This is to maintain the integrity of each release. 

Further information on how we protect your identity and data online is available in our Privacy Policy

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