My metric sources have stopped and no scores are being collected. What can I do?

Metric Sources have a certain number of polls available in each month and will stop if you use too many in a month.

A poll is where Leaderboarded goes off to the metric source and collects score data on your behalf. For example collecting a Klout score for each of your players.

You can fix this by adding more Polls to the Metric Source:
  • Edit the Leaderboard
  • Go to "Data Sources"
  • Click on the Source Name that you wish to enable polling on
  • On the edit source page, scroll down and make sure it is set to Auto Poll
  • Set the "Number of days/weeks:" to a number greater than 0, you can also change the day/time it does a Poll by editing the "Next poll date/time..." field

Don't forget you'll need to re-release the Leaderboard after it's finished polling and collecting score data. 

On standard plans there is a maximum number of polls per month per metric source. This is 5, allowing for one a week.

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