How Leaderboarded helps you maintain a level playing field

For a game or league to be successful players must all play by the same rules – there should be, in other words, a level playing field. If there are different rules for one player over another, quite quickly there may be a call of bias and subsequent disengagement from the game. 

Leaderboarded recognises how important this is and has a number of built in mechanics to help maintain a level playing field:
  • The release system ensures everyone has a chance to score before the leaderboard is displayed to all - i.e. one player could act at 8am and another could act at 3pm but since the leaderboard is only released at 4pm it covers both players scores for the day. An immediately updating leaderboard would show an incorrect picture as not all players have had a chance to compete fairly.
  • All metrics that contribute to a score are displayed on a player’s stats screen – even hidden ones. That means players can audit both their own and other player's scores.
  • Leaderboarded is build to be an auditable system – allowing stewards to check and ‘audit’ results on behalf of players. There are special comprehensive print out screens of all a player’s scores and release history on a per metric basis.
  • Releases may not be tampered with – while we allow managers to delete releases in their entirety, they are otherwise permanent records of the score.
  • A special manager role with read only access - ‘steward’ - is available for a non-playing and non-managing participant to monitor the fairness of the game.
Additionally Leaderboarded serves the needs of players on leaderboards as follows:
  • Players may opt-out of any leaderboard they have been added to
  • Players have ultimate control over their score data i.e. what data to share with the leaderboard manager
  • Players have control over their bio, photo and name as displayed on all leaderboards they are playing in
  • Players can deactivate their Leaderboarded account at any time should they so wish

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