How to run a weighted raffle using RandomPicker

Rise doesn't offer support for Raffles and Lotteries on its platform, however we provide an Export Distribution Channel for popular raffle platforms so you can run the raffle there, using the scores from your board.

This is best explained using a scenario.

Jody wants every player on his leaderboard to have a chance of winning one of his grand prizes - while he could just give the prize to whoever comes top of the leaderboard, he realises this creates unwanted disincentives to players who are either late to the game or unable to compete in the higher echelons. Instead he offers the prize as a weighted raffle. Each player's score on the leaderboard gives them a weight - think of it as a number of raffle tickets - in the raffle. In this way the leaderboard becomes the feedback mechanism - showing each player their score in the context of their peers - but is not in itself the way rewards are distributed. This is a healthy approach.

Once he has finalised his leaderboard by making a final release for the score period he then needs to download the player scores in a raffle platform format (for example then upload those scores to the raffle platform and run the raffle. 

The following screenshots demonstrate this:

1. Download All Players

You will get a downloaded TXT file with a list of all players and their most recent total score.

2. Create a draw on

3. Set up your raffle

4. Import players

4. Check players have been imported correctly

5. Run a 'test' draw

6. Check test draw results

7. Do the final draw

Make sure you pay the fee if you're running a commercial contest.

8. Get the final results

9. Publish the results on your blog and contact the winning players via Twitter or Email.

That's it you're done!

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