What is the pricing for using Rise?

Our pricing depends on various factors:

  1. number of players on the board
  2. number of data platforms, as well as which data platforms as some cost more than others
  3. number of scoring metrics
  4. frequency of releases of the leaderboard (e.g. daily releases will cost more than weekly)
  5. number & type of output channels used to publish the leaderboard

One way to get predictable pricing is to use pre-configured templates.  These are leaderboards that we’ve configured for you so as to make it easy for a user to create some popular types of leaderboards e.g. the Power Leaderboard (a leaderboard that ranks players on their social media influence based on their Klout scores).

You may be charged VAT on top of the prices shown, depending on the your or your business's location and its VAT status.

Please make use of our free 7 day trial period to create your Rise board (leaderboard) and email support@rise.global if you need help with your configuration.

Once you've created your Rise board, you will be able to see the monthly subcription pricing for that board by going to: Board Manager Dashboard and navigating to Subscription.  If your subscription price choices are not being shown, please email support@rise.global


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