What platforms do we provide data collection for?

Premium Collectors

We have native integrations with the following platforms from which data can be collected automatically.  As of April 1st 2018, we've decided to support only the ones that are not marked *.  If you have an application that requires the use of the collectors marked with *, please contact us (support@rise.global) and we will evaluate whether we could enable these collectors for you.
  1. Blogs on Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress* -  # blog posts and # associated comments on each post
  2. Google Sheets - fetches player and metric data on a Google spreadsheet, with rows being player records and columns being score metrics
  3. Kred - Kred Influence and Outreach scores
  4. Twitter - # tweets, # retweets, # mentions, # followers, # following, #tweets with media, # of favorites. Can use twitter search to find players via twitter profile data or hashtag search. Can use twitter lists as player source.
  5. Wufoo - form completions

Standard Connectors

We also have our standard connectors:
  1. Manual data entry
  2. API integration
  3. Formulas - calculate values based on a formula of other metrics
  4. ScoreBook - draw scores and score entries from other scorebooks
When manually entering data you can either enter it directly into the web forms on Rise or you can import a spreadsheet file (formatted as CSV).

3rd Party Data Integration Apps

Using our Zapier
app gives access to a data from a further 500 apps including most CRM systems such as SalesForce, Pipedrive et al. The Zapier app provides a trigger for new releases and actions to add either new players or new data entries.

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