Sharing your scorecard on Twitter


A great way to engage the community on your scorecard is to let them know every time your scorecard updates.  You can celebrate your users' successes by sharing their score, rank and movement from the previous update on Twitter.

Using the tweet-out channel

To use this channel, navigate to the "Share" link on the top navigation bar of your manager dashboard.  The options for using Twitter are available on the Twitter button.

Click on Twitter -> Twitter Announcement -> Settings

General tweet announcement (to all your twitter followers)

Click on Twitter Announcement. You can send out a tweet to all your followers on Twitter announcing the scorecard bulletin of a new update to your scorecard. You can only do this once for every new scorecard bulletin. You can choose to send this tweet out automatically as soon as each new scorecard bulletin is generated or you can do it manually.

Tweeting to the users on your scorecard (@user tweets)

For sending out tweets to the users on your board, you can use a mail-merge type process to customise messages to:
1. Top x users (ordered by the rank on the latest release)
2. Top x climbers (the users who have moved up the greatest number of rank places
3. Top x fallers (the users who have moved down the greatest number of rank places
4. Top newcomers to the board
Choose the number of all these values in the settings page as shown in the screenshot above.

Automating small changes in copy for each user

For each section of User Tweet Outs (i.e. Top X, Top X Climbers, Top X Newcomers), you can vary the text slightly for each user by creating a custom merge field.  This minimises the possibility of Twitter considering your tweet-out to be spammy.

Go to Scorecard Settings -> Score Entries -> Custom Fields:
  • Click on Add Text
  • Create a Key (which will be the name of your custom field)
  • Add text separated by a semi-colon and a space e.g. abc; def; ghi - note the space after the semi-colon - these will the values that will be rotated randomly in your Tweet out message
  • In the user tweet out messages, use the custom field in the appropriate place and then your copy will be slightly different for each user, randomly.

Anti-spamming advice

Please note that in line with the principles of Twitter's automation policies (look at Section B, point 2) around @replies we don't let you configure Rise to automatically send out tweets without your involvement in the process - that's why you need to preview what you send before you click send. You are always responsible for the content and volume of your tweet outs.

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