Can I leave a board? Can I delete my Rise profile (account)?

If you are included in a Rise board that you do not wish to be a part of, you can remove yourself from that specific board and/or you can de-activate (delete) your Rise account/profile completely.

To remove yourself from a Rise board, you will need to login to your Rise account/profile.

Once you are logged into your Rise account, click on Dashboards from the left hand navigation bar

Then, click on the Player dashboard link and click on the board that you wish to be removed from.

The next page will allow you to exclude yourself from any future releases of this board. You will also be able to
  •  subscribe / unsubscribe from email updates
  •  stop showing this board on your Rise public profile

Note that you cannot retrospectively exclude yourself from a leaderboard as these are permanent records. You can however exclude yourself from  future releases of the leaderboard.

If you wish you can also deactivate your Rise profile which will close your Rise account entirely and this article What does it mean if my Rise account is closed? explains what this will result in.

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