What display and notification channels can you use to share scores with your audience?

To share your scorecard results and individual scores, you can use the following channels:
  • Microsite - your own customisable micro-site on rise.global - you can personalise the url of this microsite to a certain extent e.g. https://www.rise.global/travel1k
  • TV - the rise.global tv theme has been designed to help you project your scorecard onto large screens e.g. https://www.rise.global/display/travel1k/latest/tv
  • Twitter - you can post tweets directly onto your timeline and you can also send @xxx reply messages containing your users' personalised scores.  A mail-merge like feature allows this to be done quickly and efficiently. (available to Bronze+ price plans). This help article has more details.

  • Email - configurable email to all subscribed players and followers - the email template allows you to place sponsor messages and adverts
  • Wordpress - a plugin to embed your scorecard on your wordpress site (available to Bronze+ price plans)
  • Widget - an iFrame or Javascript embeddable widget for your website (available to Bronze+ price plans)
  • API - a RESTful API (Contact us if you need this channel)
  • Spreadsheet - export your scorecard report to a csv file
  • Geckoboard & Cyfe -  business dashboard software (available to Silver+ price plans)

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