Help for creating a board using the Google spreadsheet connector


Thanks for trying our platform.

Read this article from our help desk to help you get started.  Disregard the reference to Excel - our spreadsheet connector only works with Google spreadsheets.

To create a board using our Google spreadsheets connector, log in to your Rise account and:

1. click on Create Board from the left hand navigation bar
2. click on the "Universal" tab and then on "Create" for the Custom board option
3. Give a name to your board and description (optional)
4. The next step is about choosing the data source for your players.  Select Google Docs for your platform and then choose a Unique Player Identifier.  We recommend that you don't use "Name" as this option does sometimes leads to duplicate records being created for the same individual.  Email works very well.

Then follow the instructions from the help desk article referred to above.

If you need more help, will you please give a brief summary of what you are trying to achieve and this will help us support you better.

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