How to use the Google spreadsheet connector to record your users and score entries

To create a board using our Google spreadsheets connector, log in to your Rise account and connect your Google account in your "edit profile" settings page.

1. click on Create Scorecard from the left hand navigation bar or from the top right hand corner
2. On the Create Scorecard page, choose "Blank Scorecard".
3. Give a name to your scorecard and description (optional)
4. Ignore the next configuration page (the User Collector page).  Instead, go to Subscriptions as you need to subscribe to the Silver price subscription in order to use the Google Docs user collector. Once you've done this, go to Scorecard Settiings -> Users -> User Collector.
5. Choose the data source for your players.  Select Google Docs for your platform, wait till your google docs get pulled in and then choose the google sheet that has your data. Then choose a Unique Player Identifier.  We recommend that you don't use "Name" as this option does sometimes leads to duplicate records being created for the same individual.  Email works very well.  However, if you use "Name" then make sure that all names are unique.
6. Follow the instructions from this article

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