Why do we have to include a 'powered by Rise' logo on our board?

All boards have to acknowledge Rise as the platform which powers the board everywhere the personal score, collective score or leaderboard is displayed.

This is because:

a. Rise is a player focused service - players are our most important customer as it we are providing a scorekeeping service for them.

Rise offers players the tools to control their involvement in any boards they are added to or opt to join. When players see that a leaderboard is 'powered by Rise' they know their rights are protected and they can expect certain key features that they need (ability to control data input, control the way their profile is displayed, customise notifications, access their scores via different mediums and so on).

b. Rise handles the complexity of data privacy for all parties -  i.e. bloggers can opt in and out of the leaderboard - this approach leads to greater adoption and trust among both players and the wider audience. This is especially important with social media where personal private data is often exchanged.

c. Rise offers a full user scorekeeping experience around the leaderboard that players might not discover if not for the powered by Rise logo (ability to track historical scores, inspect how score is calculated) - the displayed leaderboard itself is really just the tip of the iceberg. At the moment we offer as one output channel, a widget to show the leaderboard on your web site - in future the leaderboard might also be accessible via a mobile app or there might be additional widgets for showing individual profiles on external websites.

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