How to create a Rise leaderboard from a ProProfs quiz


ProProfs offers comprehensive e-learning tools for building, testing, applying and sharing knowledge.

ProProfs Quiz provides an online tool to create online tests and assessments.

With the Rise-ProProfs integration quiz makers can now send the results of quizzes automatically to Rise to assign a player their score in the quiz.

How it works

Each time a student completes a quiz their final marks are sent to Rise and a new data entry is created for that player on Rise. When the board manager comes to re-release the board the new scores are taken into account.

How to set it up

In this example we assume that the quiz is both the primary player source as well as the source of scores.

Create a Quiz on ProProfs

On ProProfs create your quiz and assign points to your questions.

Create a new Rise board

First you'll need your own API key:
  1. Go to Edit Profile
  2. Go to API Key
  3. Click on Generate API Key (don't worry you don't need to remember it!)

Now you need to create your Rise board:
  1. Login to Rise and click on + Create Board
  2. Choose the Custom board template under Business
  3. Choose ProProfs as your Player Source
  4. Under Metrics / Data Collectors, click on the ProProfs Quiz data collector
  5. Copy the Notification Link to your clipboard

Add the Notification Link to your ProProfs quiz settings

Now back on ProProfs edit your quiz settings and click on Notifications. Paste the link into the Link: box and make sure the notification via API check box is ticked.  [Note: You'll need to be subscribed to one of their Business pricing plans to enable this feature]

Make sure your quiz takers give you their email address

You'll need your participants' name and email details so you can identify them on your leaderboard. Go to Security settings to make sure ProProfs asks for both name and email details.

Take the quiz

It's now time to take the quiz! Once complete, head back over to Rise and check that your quiz score and player have been added to your board.
The new player will appear in the Players section.
The new score entry will appear in the Metrics/Data Entries section.

Release the board

Once you've got all your quizzes in you can release the results of the leaderboard and notify all your players. To do so, go to Releases and release the board. Now you can send it round to all your players, and distribute it how you like.

Job done. Now you can rinse and repeat!

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