How to set up automated coaching with Stories & Tips

Rise allows you to highlight particular trends/achievements by each of your players on their player dashboards e.g. you have achieved your highest ever score, your rank has gone up 3 weeks in a row. With each story that you highlight, you can also provide a coaching tip/compliment e.g. Well done, try to rise up against next week or a link to an in-depth coaching article to address the issue.

For a story to be generated for a player it must have an associated tip set up.

How to set up Stories & tips

To set up Stories & Tips navigate to the Stories menu under Releases. Create your first story and select whether this applies to Rank or to one of the Metrics.

Then, click to Add Tips for that story, select which metric (or rank) it applies to and provide content for that tip.

Under release settings, be sure to turn on generation of stories and tips.

Now, after the next release, a story will be generated for each player where it is true.

The available stories you can create are:

  • Highest Ever
  • Second Highest Ever
  • Third Highest Ever
  • Lowest Ever
  • Second Lowest Ever
  • Third Lowest Ever
  • Up N weeks in a row
  • Down N weeks in a row
  • Consistent N weeks in a row / Flatlining N weeks in a row +
  • Zero N weeks in a row
+ Note: there are two options for having the same score N weeks in a row - this is because one has a positive sentiment (consistency) while another might have a negative sentiment (flatlining). As board manager the choice is yours as to which to use.


On the gamification guru board I have set up one type of Story - highest ever:

Which is then applied to multiple metrics and the total score, by having a tip for each:

Which then displays on the player dashboard when it's true:


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