Zapier App information

Rise's Zapier App is still in beta development, so please send your feedback about how it is working.

The link to the app is

The app provides a trigger each time a new release of your Rise board is published and two actions so you can get data into your Rise board - New Player and New Data Entry.

We would recommend you familiarise yourself fully with how a Rise Scorecard operates first (add users, add timestamped score entries, generate a "bulletin" covering a set score period) before going on to use the Zapier app.  You can do this by creating a scorecard using our "Blank Scorecard" template.

Specific advise related to the app features:

New Release Trigger
- provides release title, time, board details and total players for each release
- if you are playing on the board then it will also return your rank and score for each release

New Player Action
- be sure to set the same player unique identifier in your player source on your board (player source should be set to Manual)

New Data Action
- when adding new data points you need to make sure each data entry has a unique id (unique score ref) - you'll need in most cases to construct this yourself, a timestamp is often sufficient.

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