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  1. A visual guide to the different Score Methods

  2. Best Practice Tips

  3. Can I leave a board? Can I delete my Rise profile (account)?

  4. Can I send out mass invitations to all players?

  5. Can I tweet out to more than the top 10 players?

  6. Can we have a shorter time period between leaderboard releases?

  7. Cancellation Policy

  8. Connecting Social Media Accounts

  9. Do you support Instagram connection to my Rise profile?

  10. Embedding the leaderboard as a WordPress Widget

  11. Hall of Fame

  12. Help for creating a board using the Google spreadsheet connector

  13. How can I customise the Tabular theme so that all my columns fit on the screen?

  14. How can I see latest players added to my leaderboard?

  15. How can I set the auto generated Release Names?

  16. How do I add a new manual metric to my board?

  17. How do I add a player?

  18. How do I add a Total Index Score at the end that combines all my metrics together?

  19. How do I add custom fields such as sponsor logos to my custom theme?

  20. How do I add formulas?

  21. How do I add images to players on my leaderboard?

  22. How do I add scores?

  23. How do I add Tags?

  24. How do I award my players badges?

  25. How do I cancel my subscription?

  26. How do I change my leaderboard time zone?

  27. How do I change my subscription

  28. How do I change my theme?

  29. How do I change the display format of my score values e.g. to time format?

  30. How do I change the name of my board?

  31. How do I change the name of my metric ?

  32. How do I change the order of the metrics / score columns?

  33. How do I create a Leaderboard from a Twitter List?

  34. How do I create a link to someone's Rise profile?

  35. How do I create a Power 100 leaderboard like the Zoopla Property Power 100?

  36. How do I customise my theme with CSS?

  37. How do I deactivate ("delete") my Rise profile (account)?

  38. How do I delete / close my account?

  39. How do I delete a board?

  40. How do I delete a player?

  41. How do I delete a release?

  42. How do I delete an individual score entry e.g. a tweet?

  43. How do I display my leaderboard on a big screen TV?

  44. How do I download an XML version of the Leaderboard?

  45. How do I download invoices?

  46. How do I download score entries?

  47. How do I edit my leaderboard text and images?

  48. How do I edit scores?

  49. How do I exclude or remove players?

  50. How do I export / download all players to a spreadsheet

  51. How do I get notified about updates?

  52. How do I get on a board?

  53. How do I hide metrics?

  54. How do I include new players who've applied to join?

  55. How do I let my players submit their own scores

  56. How do I log into/register a Rise account?

  57. How do I set a social network for my board conversations?

  58. How do I subscribe or opt-out of email notifications

  59. How do I track my performance?

  60. How do I track the success of my board

  61. How do I tweet out to the players when my Rise board updates (new release created)?

  62. How do I use my referral code?

  63. How do I view and edit my Rise profile (account)? e.g. change name/photo

  64. How is my score calculated?

  65. How Leaderboarded helps you maintain a level playing field

  66. How to add a Twitter activity feed widget to your leaderboard

  67. How to attach a blog post to a particular release

  68. How to change your picture and add a custom logo to your leaderboard

  69. How to create a custom theme for your embedded leaderboard

  70. How to create a Rise leaderboard from a ProProfs quiz

  71. How to embed your leaderboard on another web site

  72. How to embed your Rise leaderboard on a Geckoboard Dashboard

  73. How to give points for tweets with images

  74. How to release your board

  75. How to run a weighted raffle using RandomPicker

  76. How to set up automated coaching with Stories & Tips

  77. How to subscribe to a leaderboard by following it

  78. How to update payment card for subscription

  79. I get error Please check that this data source is pushable i.e. is an API metric source and you are the owner.

  80. I get the error message - Yurg! I cannot generate the leaderboard as there seems to be a problem with your player data.

  81. I keep getting Please make sure the file exists, is accessible and is valid HTML when trying to upload a new custom theme

  82. I want to show all accumulated scores not just the latest score, how do I do that?

  83. I'm having trouble connecting my LinkedIn account

  84. I've changed my Twitter name - how can I update my Rise profile so that my new name shows correctly on the boards I'm playing on

  85. I've released but all my players ranked the same? e.g. 111th

  86. If we are hiding metrics, is there a way to see details of how the total score and rank is created?

  87. Importing player details and/or scores (metric data) via csv import

  88. Is there a way to have a relative total score with the Metrics Displayed as Absolute scores?

  89. Is there a way to reset a board?

  90. Metric columns are not displaying in the embedded widget

  91. Metrics and Data Entries

  92. Monetise your Rise board with display advertising

  93. My chrome theme background image colours appear darkened

  94. My metric sources have stopped and no scores are being collected. What can I do?

  95. My tweets & retweets using #xxx is not being counted / scored

  96. My uploaded images are the wrong colour

  97. New joiners welcome email

  98. Options

  99. Player Guide and Introduction to Rise

  100. Players

  101. Preparation checklist

  102. Relative Scoring vs Absolute Scoring Explained

  103. Release

  104. Releases Explained

  105. Rise Board Roles

  106. RLOOKUP - Error Codes

  107. Security considerations: how to manage access to your board

  108. Teams and Divisions

  109. Twitter profile images missing

  110. Using Google Sheets as your player and data source

  111. What are 'latest releases'

  112. What are the different Player Source options?

  113. What are the different ranking methods?

  114. What distribution channels do we provide outputs to?

  115. What does a yellow tick against data entries in my dashboard mean?

  116. What does it mean if my Rise profile (account) is closed?

  117. What is a Rise board?

  118. What is the difference between a private and a stealth metric?

  119. What is the maximum number of players per board?

  120. What is the Player Identifier and why do I need one?

  121. What is the pricing for using Rise?

  122. What platforms do we provide data collection for?

  123. What's my score and rank?

  124. What's the difference between unstructured and structured data?

  125. Why can I not connect my Facebook page on my profile

  126. Why can I not see all my players on the latest leaderboard?

  127. Why do I and others sometimes appear as Player X on a board?

  128. Why do I need a Rise Account?

  129. Why do we have to include a 'powered by Rise' logo on our board?

  130. Why does the board I'm interesed in say "waiting for a score"?

  131. Why is my leaderboard locked? All players appear as Player X

  132. Why leaderboards are best throttled?

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